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About me


I am a certified photographer specializing in equine and pet portrait photography. I am a natural light photographer- that means no flash, lights or reflectors; just that glorious sunlight. I like my photo shoots to be natural, fun and full of life.


​Being a horse crazy girl growing up in the suburbs of a city didn't go well together. This created limitations for me. I wanted to learn about horses so badly that I read every horse book I could get my hands on, including the Encyclopedia. My parents tried to get me a few riding lessons but their budget and our location proved difficult. As I became an adult I realized that desire was still alive in me. I took matters into my own hands, purchased lessons, threw myself into the equine world, and have never looked back.

As a child I loved taking photographs with my parents point and shot film camera. I received my first DSLR as a gift from my husband who encouraged me to go after my photography dream. As I was completing  photography school I realized that out of all the things I photographed, horses were my absolute favorite. There is something magical about the bond between horse and rider that I never get tired of capturing.

Southern California is where I call home. You can usually find me on a hiking trail or on the back of a horse. I'm always seeking adventure from the vast landscapes that this golden state offers; with my handsome husband and rescued pup by my side. 


I believe that the bonds we build with our pets should be celebrated and documented, so we can look back at those moments long after our furry friends are gone. The most precious things in life are the memories we make on this beautiful earth with those we love. Whether they be our human family or animal family.

My Loves




My husband, Patrick


RIP 2008-2021

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