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Sydney and Bella

We have not had much of a winter this year in California. It's been very warm and we have only had a small amount of rain, which is abnormal for February. This is why I was surprised to find a beautiful green field next to a some giant eucalyptus trees. It made the prefect backdrop for Sydney and Bella's photo session.

As I stood talking to Sydney's aunt I felt a nudge on my back. Bella had decided to say hello which was surprising because I was told that she didn't like too many people. I rubbed her nose to say hello back and we walk to the shot location. This is what Sydney had to say about Bella:

"Bella is a Quarter / Thoroughbred mix . She is 16 years old. One of my favorite memories is teaching her gymkhana. She had never seen a barrel pattern before, and was extremely confused the first time we tried it. After a few months we went to our first show and even though we didn’t place, I was so proud to see how far she had come. Bella is a very sweet mare with a wild side. She is very willing, and loves to run. She may be spunky at times ,but I love that mare with my whole heart. We’ve come very far together, and she has taught me a lot through the time I’ve spent training her. She will definitely be a horse that I will hold a special place in my heart forever."

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