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Cherie & Trixie

My gorgeous friend Cherie has modeled for a few school photography projects I've worked on in the past. One evening as we drove back from a fashion shoot in Joshua Tree she told me about how she grew up with horses and that her mother still owned three. I was floored. All this time I had been using her for school projects and not my Equine photography!

I have always loved shooting Cherie. She is a natural beauty who is extremely photogenic. She is a mind reader. Most of the time she delivers what I am thinking before I get the words out. Every photographers DREAM.

Her mother owns a 21 year old Tennessee Walker mare, named Trixie. She was just as fabulous to work with. She was so cooperative and sweet. This was my first time working with this breed and I fell hard for her. Enough talking, Ill let the images speak for themselves.


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