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Preparation for you

Plan your outfit weeks ahead of time if possible. Bring 1-3 outfits that you feel comfortable in. A mixture of casual and dressy is the perfect way to add variety. Bright or neutral colors will work. Pick colors that will complement the color of your horse. Think layers and don't forget some matching jewelry. Hire a hair stylist and makeup artist if possible. If you are doing your makeup yourself, apply bolder, heavier makeup than you normally wear. The camera has a way of toning everything down. Have makeup available to do touch-ups if needed. Don't forget the hair spray so your locks stay in place during the whole session. Spray the top of your head to limit the visible flyaway strands that will show up in the images. Make sure your nails are manicured because they will be visible in the images. I will provide you with a more detailed preparation guide in my Welcome packet. You may also view my "Equine photo shoot fashion" Pinterest board for some inspiration and feel free to contact me if you are struggling. I would be more than happy to help.

Preparation for your horse

In the days/weeks leading up to the session I advise doing ground work with your horse. This will make them more cooperative on the day of the shoot. It is very important that your horse be well feed and lunged before the shoot. (Working with a hungry, cranky, hyperactive horse does not make for good images.) Bring your horses favorite treat as an emergency attention grabber. Bathe and groom your horse just as you would for a show. Make sure hooves are clean. Hoof polish and oil/makeup is a personal preference. If you chose to apply makeup, make sure you only apply a small amount of clear polish/oil. Keep in mind that anything you put on your horse could possibly rub off on you each time to touch your horse.  A clean leather bridal or halter looks great in photographs and does not demand attention. I want you and your horse to be the star.

Preparation for your canine

In the days/weeks leading up to the session I advise practicing your dogs sit and stay commands. This will make them more cooperative on the day of the shoot. Make sure your dog has been groomed and is looking their best. The collar or bandanna must be clean. Take your dog on a nice long walk before the session. This will help get your dog to calm down for the shoot. This is especially helpful if the location is new to your dog. Show up early to the location to get them used to it. Bring your dogs favorite treats and toy to help keep their attention. 

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