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"Amber did such a great job on my photo shoot. I felt super comfortable and confident when she was taking the photos. And the photos are just beautiful I can’t wait to take more photos with her!"

-Silver & Xina

"Amber is an excellent artiest with the camera. She can capture the moment of love shared between a horse and it's owner. With a press of a button and the angle of the lens, She captures priceless moments that will take your breath away."

-Amy & Cowboy

"Amber takes the most amazing photos! She captured such beautiful moments between me and Diamond that I will cherish forever! The pictures that she takes are gorgeous, and have a sort of elegant and graceful feel to them that I just love! She is so kind and you can tell that she truly has a profound love for horses and photography. Over all, I strongly recommend you get your pictures taken by her."

-Alayna & Diamond

"Amber is a great photographer and was very patient with Bella (even when she acted up.) The pictures she took came out amazing and I will definitely get more pictures done by her."

-Sydney & Bella

"Amber is probably the most amazing photographer ever. She was so patient and knew how to work with the horses. She took the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. She captured beautiful moments between Peaches and me. She is so kind and I highly recommend that you get pictures taken by her. I give her a 10/10."

-Hannah & Peaches


"Amber is one of the most amazing photographers I have ever worked with! She is so professional and easy to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable during the sessions and makes everything feel so easy! She has so many great tricks when working with the horses that makes the shoot run smoothly. I have been so happy with all of he photos she’s taken I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I recommend her to anyone wanting to do an equine shoot!"

Cherie & Trixi

"Amber Hardiman Photography is one of the best photographers I know. Amber takes time to find the perfect location for you and your animal and makes sure everything is on point. Being organized can be difficult but Amber makes it fun, relaxing and calm so that your pictures can turn out great and you can have the best experience possible. I always recommend Amber Hardiman Photography to all different ones. I’ve had the best experiences with Amber and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!" 

Tammy & Honey

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